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Published by Editions Galerie Koma - Mons, Maison de la Culture de Tournai, Belgium, Edited by Jean-Pierre and Jacky Denefve Legge. Text and photographs by André Chabot.

Chapelet d'osselets
Bestiaire de l'au-delà
Concert de silence

Que le masque tombe
Jardins héroïques
Les petites âmes mortes
Chagrin de marbre (out of print)
100 anges passent
Moustaches de pierre

Chapelet d'osselets
Texte et photographies d’André Chabot
Coédition Galerie Koma, Mons/Maison de la Culture de Tournai, Belgique.Une manière de cabinet de curiosités. Plus de 100 photos en noir et blanc : crânes, os,  squelettes, tibias…  recueillis dans différents cimetières et ossuaires du monde.

Bestiaire de l’au-delà
Texte et photographies d’André Chabot, Éditions Carré Noir. Coédition Galerie Koma, Mons / Maison de la Culture de Tournai, Belgique. À paraître novembre 2009.

Concert de silence
Texte et photographies d’André Chabot, Éditions Carré Noir. Coédition Galerie Koma, Mons / Maison de la Culture de Tournai, Belgique, 2008

Que le masque tombe
Texte et photographies d’André Chabot, Édition Musée International du Carnaval et du Masque, Binche, Belgique, 2008

Jardins héroïques (Heroic Gardens)
Carré Noir sur Fond Noir Series No. 5, 2007

André Chabot, with camera and notebook in hand,
visits the military cemeteries and heros’ tombs of the four corners of the earth. He dedicates this book to his two grandfathers,
a grunt and a dragoon of the Great War.

105 photographs of military tombs and monuments of heros;
literary contributions by Jacky Legge and Jean-Pierre Denefve; epitaphs from WWI selected by André Chabot.

Jardins heroiques

Les petites âmes mortes (Dead Little Souls)
Carré Noir sur Fond Noir Series No. 4, 2006

An intolerable scandal, the death of a child!
Throughout the cemeteries, epitaphs and sculptures bloom in the wake of departed children, revealing a rhetoric deep in grief and outraged by the irreversible.

106 photos of funerary monuments for children;
collection of children’s epitaphs selected by André Chabot;
short story by Jean-Pierre Denefve.


Chagrin de marbre (Grief in Marble)
Carré Noir sur Fond Noir Series No. 3, 2005

Images cast in bronze or carved in stone
unveil intimate sorrows for all to see. Emotions intermingle:
despair, anguish, hope, faith, incomprehension, revolt…

101 photographs of sculptures of mourners in cemeteries;
glossary on mourning by Jacky Legge; extracts from epitaphs
selected by André Chabot.

100 anges passent (100 Angels Pass)*
Carré Noir sur Fond Noir Series No. 2, 2004

A heavenly squadron from above has landed on the tarmac of the necropolis. Amazingly, violence and infirmity flirt with innocence and beatitude. One need no longer question the gender of the angels.

100 b&w photos of funerary sculptures of angels
from cemeteries around the world;
literary contributions by Xavier Deflorenne, Jean-Pierre Denefve, Otto Ganz and Françoise Lison-Leroy; glossary on angels by Jacky Legge, featuring calligraphy by Christian Rolet.

Moustaches de pierre (Mustaches of Stone)*
Carré Noir sur Fond Noir Series No. 1, 2003

These magnificent mustaches of the necropolis represent a well-groomed, dignified school of bourgeois ethics. Patriotic and civic-minded, they are the ultimate and naïve evidence that argues an honorable career which deserves to be noticed and honored by future generations.

84 photographs of mustaches found on cemetery monuments;
glossary on mustaches by Jacky Legge.



* Out of print

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