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In his monthly column “Cimetière”, André Chabot reports
on cemeteries, funerary art and customs from around the world. The following is a list of his articles and photo-essays to date, organized by subject. All articles are in French.

These articles were written exclusively for Pierre Actual magazine (formerly Le mausolée). Back-issues can be ordered directly from the publisher at

The cemeteries of the world
- North Africa and the Middle East
- The Americas
- Asia
- Europe
Tombs and funerary monuments by genre
Details and themes in funerary sculpture
Styles in cemetery art and architecture
Funerary architecture
Funerary customs and art, cemetery miscellanea

The cemeteries of the world

North Afrique and the Middle East


“La cité des morts cachés (et retrouvés) II”
(Hidden city of the dead, Part II - Lost and found again),
the mamluk tombs of Cairo. Pierre Actual no. 779, July ’01.

“La cité des morts cachés I” (Hidden city of the dead, Part I),
The City of the Dead in Cairo. Pierre Actual no. 778, June ’01.


“Calcaire qui parle” (Limestone that speaks),
Jewish epitaphs in Jerusalem’s cemeteries. Le mausolée no. 763, March ’00.

“Les monts du souvenir” (The mountains of remembrance),
the cemeteries of Mount Herzl, Zion and Tamir in Jerusalem. Le mausolée no. 762, Feb. ’00.

“En des tombeaux douteux” (In dubious tombs),
the biblical tombs of Jerusalem. Le mausolée no. 761, Jan ’00.

“Quand l’obusier fleurit” (When the howitzer blooms),
the military tombs of Kiryat Shaul Cemetery, Tel Aviv, and Mount Herzl, Jerusalem.
Le mausolée no. 760, Dec. ’99.

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The Americas


“Concerto aux chandelles mortes” (Concerto by extinguished candlelight),
La Chacarita Cemetery in Buenos Aires. Le mausolée no. 747, Nov. ’98.

“Le buste qui sourit” (The smiling bust),
La Chacarita Cemetery and the sepulchre of Carlos Gardel, Buenos Aires.
Le mausolée no. 745, Sep. ’98.

“Du campo santo au cimetière” (From campo santo to the cemetery),
The Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires. Le mausolée no. 744, Aug. ’98.


“Une fleur de lys pour dernier adieu” (A fleur de lys for the final adieu) ,
the Belmont Cemetery (Cimetière de Notre Dame de Belmont) in Québec. Le mausolée no. 750, Feb. ’99 (épuisé).

“Un cimetière éponyme” (A self-titled cemetery),
the Mont Royal Cemetery in Montreal. Le mausolée no. 749, Jan ’99.

“Je me souviens” (I remember),
the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges cemetery in Montreal. Le mausolée no. 748, Dec. ’98.


“Iphigénie en Caraïbes” (Iphigenia in the Caribbean),
the cemeteries of Cuba. Pierre Actual no. 785, Jan ’02.

“Caveaux caraïbes II” (Caribbean vaults II),
the Cristóbal Colón Cemetery in Havana. Pierre Actual no. 783, Nov. ’01.

“Caveaux caraïbes I” (Caribbean vaults I),
the Cristóbal Colón Cemetery in Havana. Pierre Actual no. 782, Oct. ’01.

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“Cabanons et castels” (Cottages and castles),
El Panteon Frances (the French cemetery) in Mexico City. Pierre Actual no. 810, Feb. ’04.

“Le panthéon des douleurs” (The pantheon of sorrow),
the Panteon Civil de Dólores in Mexico City. Pierre Actual no. 809, Jan ’04.

“Minuscules Maisons des morts au Mexique” (Miniature houses of the dead in Mexico),
altars in the cemeteries of South Mexico. Pierre Actual no. 808, Dec. ’04.


“Deux terreurs du cimetière” (Two terrors of the cemetery),
Edgar Allan Poe’s grave at the Old Westminster Burial Ground in Baltimore, Maryland,
and the tomb of H. P. Lovecraft in Swann Point Cemetery, Providence, Rhode Island.
Le mausolée no. 768, Aug. ’00.

“Chasse à l’homme et châsse à l’enfant” (Manhunt and childhunt),
Forest Hills Cemetery and Crematory in Jamaica Plain, and the Woodlawn Cemetery and Crematory in Everett, Massachusetts. Le mausolée no. 767, July ’00.

“La porte du paradis en Nouvelle Angleterre” (The gate of paradise in New England),
Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Le mausolée no. 766, June ’00.

“Dans la gloire et l’honneur” (With honor and glory),
Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virgina. Le mausolée no. 764, April ’00.

“De l’œcuménisme post mortem” (Of post-mortem ecumenism),
Golden Hill Memorial Park, Greek Orthodox Memorial Park, Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Olivet Memorial Park: the ecumenical side of cemetries in Colma, California. Le mausolée no. 743, July ’98.

“La cité des âmes” (City of souls),
the cemeteries of Colma, California. Le mausolée no. 741, May ’98.

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“Pets au Presidio : une nécropole anthropomorphe”
(Pets at the Presidio: an anthopomorphic necropolis) ,
the Presidio of San Francisco Pet Cemetery in San Francisco, Californie. Le mausolée no. 740, April ’98.

“Poussières d’étoiles II” (Stardust II),
A tour of the graves of Hollywood stars and celebrities buried in California: Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, etc. Le mausolée no. 739, March ’98.

“Poussières d’étoiles I” (Stardust I),
A tour of the graves of Hollywood stars and celebrities buried in Californi: Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills and Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles; Hollywood Memorial Cemetery in Hollywood, etc. Le mausolée no. 738, Feb. ’98.

“Farewell to the Chicagoans”,
the cemeteries of Chicago, Illinois. Le mausolée no. 705, May ’95.

“Un p’tit coin de paradis pour un coin d’Illinois”
(A li’l corner of paradise for a corner of Illinois) ,
Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum and Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois. Le mausolée no. 704, April ’95.

“Terre d’accueil, terre dernière” (Welcoming land, final land),
a brief look at the history of Jewish immigrants in the United States, and a visit to one of Chicago’s Jewish cemeteries. Le mausolée no. 703, March ’95.

“Greenwood, le plus grand cimetière du monde ?”
(Greenwood: the largest cemetery in the world?) ,
Green-wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. Le mausolée no. 654, Feb. ’91.

“Champ funèbre pour New York” (Funereal field for New York) ,
Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx; Trinity and Saint Mark’s Church-In-The-Bowery Cemeteries in Manhattan, New York. Le mausolée no. 653, Jan ’91.

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“La cité interdite… des morts” (Forbidden city… of the dead),
Wanan and Chaoyang Cemeteries in Beijing. Pierre Actual no. 774, Feb. ’01.

“La longue marche de Babaoshan à Tian an Men”
(The long march from Babaoshan to Tian an Men),
The Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery and the tomb of Mao Zedong in Beijing. Pierre Actual no. 773, Jan ’01.

“Un bestiaire aux yeux bridés” (A blindfolded bestiary),
tombs from the Ming dynasty in Beijing. Le mausolée no. 770, Oct. ’00.

“Hong Kong : Sous les palmiers, le Parsi” (Hong Kong: Parsi under the palms),
the Parsee Cemetery in Hong Kong. Le mausolée no. 727, March ’97.

“Hong Kong : Shendao, le chemin de l’âme” (Hong Kong: Shendao, the path of the soul),
Chinese funerary customs in Hong Kong. Le mausolée no. 726, Feb. ’97.

“Hong Kong : les ancêtres du rocher aride” (Hong Kong: ancestors of the arid boulder),
the cemeteries of Hong Kong. Le mausolée no. 725, Jan ’97.

“Macao terre d’escale” (Macao, a port of call) ,
the old Protestant cemetery of Macao. Le mausolée no. 724, Dec. ’96.

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“L’ombrelle et la croix” (The parasol and the cross),
the Christian cemeteries of Calcutta and Mother Theresa’s grave. Pierre Actual no. 803, July ’03.

“De Mausole à Mumtaz” (From Mausolus to Mumtaz),
the Mughal tombs of New Delhi. Pierre Actual no. 802, June ’03.

“Fatal Bengale” (Fatal Bengal),
South Park Street Cemetery in Calcutta. Pierre Actual no. 800, April ’03.


“Prières de Pierre sous les tropiques” (Prayers of stone in the tropics),
Okinawa Peace Prayer and Memorial Park and the military tombs of Okinawa. Pierre Actual no. 830, Oct. ’05.

“Hiroshima, le culte des cimetières” (Hiroshima, the cult of the cemeteries),
the cemeteries of Hiroshima. Le mausolée no. 757, Sep. ’99.

“Pas de fleurs pour Madame Chrysanthème” (No flowers for Madame Chrysanthemum),
Buddhas found on Japanese graves. Le mausolée no. 756, Aug. ’99.

“Petits arrangements avec les morts” (Little arrangements with the dead),
the placement of graves in Japanese cemeteries. Le mausolée no. 754, June ’99.

“La forêt des Bouddhas” (The forest of the Buddhas),
Okunoin Cemetery in Mount Koya. Le mausolée no. 753, May ’99.

“La fête des morts de l’empire du soleil levant”
(The festival of the dead in the empire of the rising sun),
the Obon festival of of the dead in Kyoto. Le mausolée no. 752, April ’99.

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“Bonne année en Europe” (Happy New Year in Europe),
New Year’s wishes in all the languages of Europe, expressed through portraits from graves from each country. Pierre Actual no. 797, Jan ’03.


“Des cimetières sur le divan”, (Cemeteries on the divan)
The avant-garde tombes of Vienna. Pierre Actual no. 844, Dec ’06

“Viennoiseries pure pierre” (Stone baked goods),
the Central Cemetery (Zentral Friedhof) of Vienna. Pierre Actual no. 776, April ’01.

“Salzburg, St Peter : un champ de repos enluminé”
(Salzburg, St Peter: illuminated resting place),
the Cemetery of St. Peter’s Church (Petersfriedhof) in Salzburg. Le mausolée no. 698, Oct. ’94.

“Le cimetière des hommes sans nom” (The cemetery of nameless men),
the Cemetery of the "Men with no Name" (Friedhof der Namenlosen) in Vienna. Le mausolée no. 689, Jan ’94.


“R.G. à Uccle”, (R.G. in Uccle)
the Uccle Cemetery in Dieweg, a suburb of Brussells; the tombe of Georges Remi (Hérgé), creator of the comic-strip Tintin. Pierre Actual no. 838, June ’06.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Croix et croissants dalmates” (Dalmatian crosses and crescents),
the Muslim and Orthodox cemeteries of Mostar. Pierre Actual no. 829, Sep. ’04.

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“Blanc yaourt” (Yoghurt white),
the gypsy graves of Sofia, Plovdiv and Kjustendil. Le mausolée no. 732, Aug. ’97.

“Avis de recherche” (Missing persons),
“missing person” flyers in Sofia’s main cemetery. Le mausolée no. 731, July ’97.


“Si près de la mer, cyprès du ciel ” (So close to the sea, cypress of heaven),
the cemeteries of the Dalmatian coast. Pierre Actual no. 834, fév ’06.

Czech Republic

“Un prodige à Prague” (A prodigy in Prague),
the cemeteries of Prague. Pierre Actual no. 780, Aug. ’01.


“Sur les chemins du Valhalha” (En route to Valhalha),
Hietaniemen Hautausmaa, the cemetery of heros in Helsinki. Le mausolée no. 721, Sep. ’96.

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“Autour de France” (A tour of France),
the cemeteries of towns along the route of the Tour de France. Pierre Actual no. 826, June ’05.

“Nécropolitains métropolitains” (Metropolitan necropolitans),
The graves of men after which Parisian subway stations have been named, and who are buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery. Pierre Actual no. 814, June ’04.

“Grandes Vacances” (High vacation),
the cemeteries of the Côte d’Azur. Pierre Actual no. 805, Sep. ’03.

“Une nécropole artistique” (An artist’s necropolis),
the Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris. Pierre Actual no. 791, July ’02.

“Une nécropole intellectuelle” (An intellectual necropolis),
the Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris. Pierre Actual no. 790, June ’02.

“Trous de banlieue” (Suburban holes),
the cemeteries of suburbs around Paris. Pierre Actual no. 789, May ’02.

“Père Lachaise : couleurs de la mort” (Père Lachaise: the colors of death),
the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. Pierre Actual no. 788, April ’02.

“A Montmertre” (At “Montmertre”),
the Montmartre Cemetery in Paris. Pierre Actual no. 787, March ’02.

“Les beaux soirs de Passy” (Beautiful evenings in Passy),
the Passy Cemetery in Paris. Pierre Actual no. 786, Feb. ’02.

“Nobles débris… du Premier Empire” (Noble remains… of the First Empire),
sepulchres from the Napoleonic Empire in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris. Le mausolée no. 718, June ’96.

“Posthumes parisiens” (Posthumous Parisians),
portraits on tombs in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. Le mausolée no. 700, Dec. ’94.

“Marville : du cimetière d’autrefois à celui de deMain”
(Marville: from cemetery of the past to one of the future) ,
the Sainte-Hilaire Cemetery in Marville. Le mausolée no. 694, June ’94.

“La belle mort en Limousin” (Beautiful death in Limousin),
Limoges porcelain found on graves in France. Le mausolée no. 660, Aug. ’91.

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“La vallée des rabbins”, (The valley of rabbis),
Heiliger Sand in Worms, Europe’s oldest Jewish cemetery. Pierre Actual no. 842, Oct. ’06.

“Un cimetière en reliefs” (A cemetery in relief),
bas- and haut- reliefs in a cemetery in Heidelberg. Pierre Actual no. 839, juillet ’06.

“Aux thermes de la vie” (The terms of life),
nudes in the Südfriedhof (Soutch Cemetery) of Leipzig. Pierre Actual no. 837, May ’06.

“Dresde : le ciel se fait attendre” (Dresden: Heaven keeps them waiting),
the main cemetery of Dresden. Pierre Actual no. 807, Nov. ’03.

“Berlin : D’autres Murs” (Berlin: other walls),
the cemeteries of Berlin. Pierre Actual no. 806, Oct. ’03.

“Sankt Rochus, un cimetière historique” (Sankt Rochus, historical cemetery),
the St. Rochus Cemetery (St. Rochus Friedhof) in Nurenberg. Le mausolée no. 692, April ’94.


“Quand Saint Antoine reste de pierre” (When St. Antoine remains in stone),
traces of St. Antoine in Hungarian cemeteries. Pierre Actual no. 835, March ’06.


“Des morts bien au chaud” (The dead in from the cold),
the cemeteries of Reykjavik. Pierre Actual no. 794, Oct. ’02.


“L’Eire des reliquaires” (Reliquary Eire),
Mount Jerome Cemetery and Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin. Le mausolée no. 683, July ’93.


“Veillées funèbres turinoises” (Turinese wakes),
The Cimitero Monumentale di Torino, or the theater of farewells. Pierre Actual no. 847, March ’07

“Mimodrame minéral au Monumentale de Milan”
(The mineral mime show at Monumentale, Milan),
The Cimitero Monumentale di Milano: the first “freedom cemetery” in Italy. Pierre Actual no. 846, Feb ’07

“Parmesan et Parmesans” (Parmesan and Parmesans)
the Cimitero della Villetta in Parma, and Niccolo Paganini’s grave. Pierre Actual no. 843, Nov ’06.

“La mort à Venise” (Death in Venice),
St. Michael's Graveyard (Cimitero di San Michele) in Venice. Pierre Actual no. 841, Sep’06.

“Prières génoises” (Genovese prayers),
praying figures carved on funerary monuments in Genoa’s Staglieno Cemetery. Pierre Actual no. 822, Feb. ’05.

“Bustes bourgeois” (Bourgeois busts),
busts on Italian funerary monuments. Pierre Actual no. 812, April ’04.

“Des Florentins pétrifiés” (Petrified Florentines),
the cemeteries of Florence. Pierre Actual no. 804, Aug. ’03.

“Adieu à Rome… et ses poudreux tombeaux” (Farewell to Rome… and its dusty tombs),
the Protestant Cemetery in Rome. Le mausolée no. 737, Jan ’98.

“Rome, nécropole éternelle : Verano II” (Rome, eternal necropolis: Verano II),
the Campo Verano Cemetery in Rome. Le mausolée no. 735, Nov. ’97.

“Rome, nécropole éternelle : Verano I” (Rome, eternal necropolis: Verano I),
the Campo Verano Cemetery in Rome. Le mausolée no. 733, Sep. ’97.

“Des Pouilles”,
altars in the cemeteries of Bari. Le mausolée no. 730, June ’97.

“Cadavres exquis” (Exquisite cadavers),
the cemeteries of Palermo, Sicily. Le mausolée no. 717, May ’96.

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“Addolorata ou l’affliction pétrifiée” (Addolorata, or petrified affliction),
the cemeteries of la Valette, Malta. Pierre Actual no. 775, March ’01.


“L’éternelle traversée des Vikings” (The Vikings’ eternal crossing),
Viking funerary barges in Oslo. Le mausolée no. 691, March ’94.

“Nécropoles du fond des fjords” (Necropoles from the ends of the fjords),
the cemeteries of Oslo. Le mausolée no. 690, Feb. ’94.


“Les plaisirs de la pierre” (The pleasures of stone),
the cemeteries of Porto and Lisbon. Pierre Actual no. 817, Sep. ’04.


“D’imperceptibles langueurs” (Imperceptible languor),
the cemeteries of Romania and the Carpathian region. Pierre Actual no. 819, Nov. ’04.

“Dans les sous-bois magyars” (In the Magyar underbrush)
the cemeteries of Budapest. Pierre Actual no. 811, March ’04.

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“Moscou : les âmes mortes” (Moscow: dead souls),
the Vagan’kovskoe Cemetery and the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow. Le mausolée no. 665, Jan ’92.

“Saint Petersbourg : la Maison des morts” (Saint Petersburg: the house of the dead),
the cemeteries of Saint Petersburg. Le mausolée no. 664, Dec. ’91.


“Ljubljana : la mort en ses jardins” (Ljubljana: death in its gardens),
the cemeteries of Ljubljana. Le mausolée no. 712, Dec. ’95.


“Mélancolies majorquines” (Mallorcan melancholies),
the cemeteries of Mallorca. Pierre Actual no. 792, Aug. ’02.

“Mourir à Madrid” (To die in Madrid),
the cemeteries of Madrid. Pierre Actual no. 781, Sep. ’01.

“Bilbao dévote et dévouée” (Devoted and devout Bilbao),
the municipal cemetery of Bilbao. Le mausolée no. 769, Sep. ’00.

“Le cimetière de l’éléphant” (The elephant cemetery),
the Roman necropolis of Carmona in Andalousia. Le mausolée no. 719, July ’96.

“La dernière plaza” (The final bull ring),
funerary monuments of bullfighters in Seville. Le mausolée no. 695, July ’94.

Switzerland Cemetery, Bale, switzerland

“Sépulcres familiers” (Familiar sepulcres),
landscapes featured on funerary monuments in Switzerland.
Pierre Actual no. 823, March ’05.

“Sur les routes du Sud” (On the road to the south),
the Lugano Cemetery. Le mausolée no. 720, Aug. ’96.



“Les grands cimetières sous le croissant : Incha Allah”
(Great cemeteries under the crescent: Incha Allah),
the cemeteries of Istanbul. Le mausolée no. 679, March ’93.

“Les grands cimetières sous le croissant : Ruhuna Fatiha”
(Great cemeteries under the crescent: Ruhuna Fatiha),
the cemeteries of Istanbul. Le mausolée no. 678, Feb. ’93.

“Les grands cimetières sous le croissant : Mektoub”
(Great cemeteries under the crescent: Mektoub) ,
the cemeteries of Istanbul. Le mausolée no. 677, Jan ’93.

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United Kingdom

“Sous le grand plaid blanc” (Under the great white plaid),
the cemeteries of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Pierre Actual no. 798, Feb. ’03.

“En des valhalhas victoriens” (Victorian valhallas),
the cemeteries of London. Pierre Actual no. 795, Nov. ’02.

Tombs and funerary monuments by genre

“Les montagnards sont là...” (The mountaineers are here...),
mountaineers, alpine climbers and hunters carved into European tombstones. Pierre Actual no. 840, Aug ’06.

“Pro Patria”,
military graves from around the world. Pierre Actual no. 827, July ’05.

“‘Heureux les morts dont les œuvres les suivent’”
(Happy are the dead whose work lives on),
funerary monuments of painters. Pierre Actual no. 820, Dec. ’04.

“Brûlants héros” (Burning heros),
funerary monuments of firemen in Europe and the U.S.A.. Pierre Actual no. 815, July ’04.

“Travailleurs, travailleuses…” (Working men, working women…)
funerary monuments of miners, welders and laborers. Le mausolée no. 713, Jan ’96.

“Tu ne devais pas naître ou bien ne pas mourir”
(You should not have been born or have died),
funerary monuments of newborn infants. Le mausolée no. 682, June ’93.

“Toi et Moi” (You and Me),
tombs of couples. Le mausolée no. 648, Aug. ’90.

“La vie ne fait pas le moine” (The life does not make the monk),
tombs of monks and nuns in Europe. Le mausolée no. 641, Jan ’90.

“Pause… Silence… Soupir” (Pause… Silence… Sigh),
funerary monuments of musicians. Le mausolée, no. 636, Aug. ’89.

“‘Partout la course ici le but’” (The race is everywhere, the goal is here),
funerary monuments of athletes. Le mausolée, no. 634, June ’89.

“C’est tout de même trop jeune pour mourir, je n’ai fait de mal à personne”
(It’s too young to die, I haven’t hurt anyone),
children’s funerary monuments in Europe. Le mausolée no. 632, April ’89.

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Themes and details in funerary scupture

“Des faucheurs sachant faucher” (If a reaper reaped...),
Scythes and hourglasses as symbols in funerary art. Pierre Actual no. 845, Jan. ’07

“Des gnomes dans les rhizomes”Cemetery dwarf, Vienna
(Gnomes in the rhizomes),
dwarves and gnomes found on funerary monuments.
Pierre Actual no. 836, April ’06.

“De la tombe considérée comme un accoudoir”
(The tomb as an armrest),
sculptures of women leaning on funerary monuments.
Pierre Actual no. 828, Aug. ’05.

“Mascarades funéraires” (Funereal mascarades),
masks in European cemetery sculpture. Pierre Actual no. 821, Jan ’05.

“Cercueils pétrifiés” (Petrified coffins),
coffins of stone on cemetery monuments. Pierre Actual no. 818, Oct. ’04.

“Caveaux jumeaux” (Twin vaults),
sculptures of adult and children couples on funerary monuments. Pierre Actual no. 799, March ’03.

“Le concile des anges” (The council of angels),
angels in funerary scupture throughout the world. Pierre Actual no. 793, Sep. ’02.

“Les gueules cassées de l’au-delà” (Broken faces from the beyond),
multilated sculptures in cemeteries. Pierre Actual no. 777, May ’01.

“Lettres d’adieux” (Letters of farewell),
calligraphic writing engraved on funerary monuments. Le mausolée no. 709, Sep. ’95.

“Le Père, la Mère, le Fils” (The Father, the Mother, the Son),
the pieta theme in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée no. 707, July ’95.

“Vigiles des morts” (Vigil of the dead),
praying figures in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée no. 702, Feb. ’95.

“Jardins héroïques” (Heroic gardens),
sculptures of beautiful bodies on funerary monuments. Le mausolée no. 699, Nov. ’94.

“Belles au cimetière dormant” (Sleeping beauties of the cemeteries),
reclining figures in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée no. 693, May ’94.

“Chapeau bas !” (I take my hat off!),
men’s hats in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée no. 685, Sep. ’93.

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“Un homme à la terre : vite une couronne…” (A man in the earth: quick, a crown…),
wreaths in cemetery sculpture. Le mausolée no. 681, May ’93.

“Un nimbe pour tous” (A halo for everyone),
medaillons on funerary monuments. Le mausolée no. 676, Dec. ’92.

“Quand il n’y a plus d’huile dans la lampe…” (When there is no more oil in the lamp…),
lamps in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée no. 675, Nov. ’92.

“Coupes sombres” (Somber pillars),
columns in cemeteries. Le mausolée no. 674, Oct. ’92.

“Je croiX…” (I believe…),
crosses on funerary monuments. Le mausolée no. 673, Sep. ’92.

“‘Mourir sous la caresse éclatante des roses’” (To die under the blazing caress of roses),
flowers carved on funerary monuments. Le mausolée no. 670, June ’92.

“Nécrophoto” (Necrophoto),
photos on funerary monuments. Le mausolée no. 669, May ’92.

“La Main passe”,
hands in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée no. 667, March ’92.

“Un pied dans la tombe” (One foot in the grave),
feet in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée no. 666, Feb. ’92.

“Sous le regard des étoiles rouges” (Under the gaze of red stars),
figures wearing glasses on Eastern European graves. Le mausolée no. 662, Oct. ’91.

“Un voile pour l’éternité” (A veil for eternity),
veiled women in cemetery sculpture. Le mausolée no. 659, July ’91.

“L’ultime distribution des prix” (The final award) ,
books in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée no. 657, May ’91.

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“Bestiaire du silence” (Silent bestiary),
animals in cemetery art. Le mausolée no. 656, April ’91.

“de Cerbère à Médor” (From Cerebus to Fido),
dogs in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée no. 655, March ’91.

“Chant divin, champ sacré” (Divine song, sacred field),
birds in cemetery sculpture. Le mausolée no. 652, Dec. ’90.

“Puisqu’il faut toujours que l’on parte…” (Since we must all depart…),
means of transportation depicted in cemetery art. Le mausolée no. 651, Nov. ’90.

“Mises en plis de pierre” (Set in stone),
women’s hairstyles in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée no. 650, Oct. ’90.

“Moustaches de pierre” (Stone mustaches),
mustaches in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée no. 649, Sep. ’90.

“Conversation après un enterrement” (Conversation after a burial),
sculptures of seats and men seated on funerary monuments. Le mausolée no. 646, June ’90.

“Le but de notre carrière c’est la mort” (The aim of our career is death),
depictions of professions on funerary monuments. Le mausolée no. 645, May ’90.

“Jésus Christ, superstar des cimetières” (Jesus Christ, superstar of the cemeteries),
images of Christ in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée no. 644, April ’90.

“Scènes de la vie de Jésus” (Scenes from the life of Jesus),
scenes from the life of Christ depicted in cemetery art. Le mausolée no. 643, March ’90.

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“Mise en boite crânienne” (Canned cranium),
skulls in cemetery art. Le mausolée, no. 640, Dec. ’89.

“Pauvre Yorick” (Alas! Poor Yorick),
skulls in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée, no. 639, Nov. ’89.

“Erotique du cimetière” (Eroticism in the cemetery),
nudes in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée, no. 638, Oct. ’89.

“Une mode pour l’éternité” (Fashion for eternity),
clothing fashion in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée, no. 637, Sep. ’89.

“Dona eis requiem”,
musical instruments in cemetery art. Le mausolée no. 635, July ’89.

“La porte étroite” (The narrow door),
doors sculpted on funerary monuments. Le mausolée no. 627, Nov. ’88.

“‘Quelques d’amour pour ceux qui se sont tus’”
(A few words of love for those who have fallen silent’),
sculptures of mourners on funerary monuments. Le mausolée no. 626, Oct. ’88.

“Le gisant” (The reclining figure),
reclining figures in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée no. 625, Sep. ’88.

“Le moment de la fin” (The final moment),
depictions of agony in funerary sculpture. Le mausolée no. 624, Aug. ’88.

“L’ange de la mort et l’ange de la résurrection”
(The angel of death and the angel of resurrection),
sculptures of angels on funerary monuments. Le mausolée no. 623, July ’88.

“Le squelette à la faux” (Pseudo skeletons),
allegories of death in cemetery art. Le mausolée no. 622, June ’88.

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Styles in cemetery art and architecture

“Des cimetières sur le divan”, (Cemeteries on the divan)
The avant-garde tombes of Vienna. Pierre Actual no. 844, Dec.’06

“A la manière grecque” (In the Greek manner),
the orgins of cremation and its influence on Greek style in European funerary art and architecture. Le mausolée no. 729, May ’97.

“Cimetière et modernité” (The cemetery and modernity),
modernity in cemetery art. Le mausolée no. 711, Nov. ’95.

“La Maison de la vie” (The house of life),
funerary art in Jewish cemeteries. Le mausolée no. 672, Aug. ’92.

“Egyptienneries” (Egyptianisms),
Egyptomania in funerary art from the 19th century. Le mausolée no. 647, July ’90.


Funerary architecture

“Les tours de l’ultime séjour”, (The towers of the final abode)
funerary monuments in the shape of towers link heaven to earth. Pierre Actual no. 833, Jan. ’06.

“Domus aeterna”, small mausoleum, Vichy
the various shapes of small mausoleums.
Le mausolée no. 715, March ’96.

“A la consigne de l’éternité”
(Consigned for eternity),
burial niches of Spain, Italy and Portugal. Le mausolée no. 714, Feb. ’96.

“A l’abri de la lumière” (Shelter of light),
glass mausoleums in cemeteries. Le mausolée no. 701, Jan ’95.

“L’île tragique” (The tragic island),
funerary architecture in Corsican cemeteries. Le mausolée no. 668, April ’92.

“Aller simple pour l’au-delà” (One-way ticket to the beyond),
cemetery entrances. Le mausolée no. 663, Nov. ’91.

funerary architecture in Europe. Le mausolée no. 628, Dec. ’88.

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“Le tombeau parle : la prose des tombeaux” epitaph "my friend", Verdun, France
(The grave speaks: the prose of tombs),
prose epitaphs in cemeteries. Le mausolée no. 697, Sep. ’94.

“Le tombeau parle : la poésie (!) des tombeaux”
(The tomb speaks: the poetry (!) of tombs),
epitaph poetry in cemeteries. Le mausolée no. 696, Aug. ’94.

“Coeurs de pierre” (Hearts of stone),
epigraphs carved in the shape of hearts. Le mausolée no. 661, Sep. ’91.

“Tout pour la patrie” (Everything for the country),
soldiers’ epitaphs. Le mausolée, no. 633, May ’89.

“A des oiseaux envolés” (To the birds who have flown),
children’s epitaphs. Le mausolée no. 631, March ’89.

“Un ange de plus dans le ciel” (One more angel in the sky),
children’s epitaphs. Le mausolée no. 630, Feb. ’89.

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Funerary customs, cimetery miscellanea

“Les rituels du comme si...”Montmartre cemetery, Francois Truffaut's grave
(The rituals as if...)
gestures that reveal attempts to maintain a connection with the departed.
Pierre Actual no. 832, Dec. ’05.

“Le cercle des travailleurs”
(The workers’ circle),
commemorative and honorary plaques on funerary monuments in France. Pierre Actual no. 825, May ’05.

“Agrestes agapes”,
feasts and offerings on tombs. Le mausolée no. 716, April ’96.

“Au paradis des jouets” (In toy heaven),
toys on children’s tombs. Le mausolée no. 708, Aug. ’95.

“L’herbe de l’oubli” (Fields of forgetfulness),
invasive vegetation in cemeteries. Le mausolée no. 658, June ’91.

“Pulvis es et in pulverem reverteris”,
columbariums and urns. Le mausolée no. 629, Jan ’89.

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“Orphée II : A la conquête de la Toison d’or” "Orpheus" in a cemetery in Oslo
(Orpheus II: conquering the golden fleece), Le mausolée no. 723, Nov. ’96.

“Orphée I : j’ai perdu mon Eurydice”
(Orpheus I: I’ve lost my Eurydice), Le mausolée no. 722, Oct. ’96.

“La vie passionnée de Marie Madeleine III”
(The passionate life of Mary Magdalene III), Le mausolée no. 688, Dec. ’93.

“La vie passionnée de Marie Madeleine II”
(The passionate life of Mary Magdalene II), Le mausolée no. 687, Nov. ’93.

“La vie passionnée de Marie Madeleine I”
(The passionate life of Mary Magdalene I), Le mausolée no. 686, Oct. ’93. 


, Le mausolée no. 621, May ’88.

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