Andre Chabot

Necropolitan perambulations: Lisbonne, Portugal

Strolling through the necropoli, these essays provide tours of funerary art, architecture and customs found in cemeteries around the world.
Stopping before tombs of the famous as well as graves of the unknown, and examining sculptural masterpieces and amateur constructions alike, these pictures unite one and all.
Mourning is witnessed in all its states: husbands sit at the side of recumbent beauties while weeping women deposit a crown. Children go scandalously missing, and angels reclaim a sweet soul.
People kneel, prostrate themselves and collapse. Figures caress and embrace. Some strike theatrical poses of sharp pain. Others quietly nurse their sorrow, veiled in marble or bronze...

  • Cemetery Le Py & Marin: Sète
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Celebrities here and elsewhere 6
  • Celebrities here and elsewhere 5
  • Celebrities here and elsewhere 4
  • Celebrities here and elsewhere 3
  • Celebrities here and elsewhere 2
  • Celebrities here and elsewhere
  • Beginnigs of the cemetery tomorrow : On line on the website of the newspaper « l’Est Républicain », on the 2010.10.27, the slideshow  « Beginnings of the cemetery tomorrow », accompanies the article « Everything must go » by M Delle-Vedove.
  • Eroticism in the cemetery 2 : In the silence of the Neropolis, obsession, mourning and melancoly create fantasizes amid the funeral pomp ant the ambiguous appearances of the funeral sculpture.
  • Beastiary of Silence : Human beings have always had strong ties with the animal that represents the depths of the unconcious, and which offers the richest galery of symbols that can possibly be imagined.
  • Flowers in stone : Flowers : the ultimate gifts to those who are no longer. The time ot tears has been succeeded by the time of watering-cans. In marble, in stone, in bronze, flowers announce the peace of the Elysian fields and the world beyond in the garden of Paradise.
  • Shopping for sculls : Death, what do you look like ? Relieved of flesh, clean, polished, definitive, the anonymous scull is now only an object, « Memento Mori » associated, under varying circumstances with tibias, the scythe, the compass, laurel wreaths, or, perhaps yet still inhabited by the serpent.
  • Funerary architecture: Chapels, mausoleums and crypts from Europe, the Americas and Asia.
  • Departed children: Funerary monuments and tombs of children found North America, South America and Europe.
Genes, Italie
  • Eroticism in the cemetery: Nude figures found in European funerary sculpture.
  • The council of angels: Statues of angels from cemeteries around the world.
  • Recumbent effigies: Gisants found in European and North American cemeteries.
  • Books of stone: Photographs of books sculpted on tombs.
  • Rituals and remembrances: Personal rituals, funerary customs and offerings witnessed in cemeteries around the world.

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