Andre Chabot


phantasmobjet Phantasmobjet noun 1. Term coined around 1975 by André Chabot to describe the installation art and objects he creates to express his attitude – and especially his fear – towards death.

Ange voyageur


His objects are single pieces made using a variety of materials and parts. In his installations, André Chabot juxtaposes two or more items to create a relationship or tell a story that may shock, amuse, or emotionally move the viewer.

The idea for a phantasmobject may come to him on its own, and André then finds the materials to bring it into being. Other times a chance encounter with an item, such as an object in a second-hand shop, will spark a concept.

As installations and objects, the phantasmobjects bear witness to the human dramas and emotions – ranging from the humorous to the extreme – that death engenders in life.


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