Andre Chabot


Funerary monuments

Urns and altars

Original designs for funerary monuments and urns

Tombe, Pere LachaiseAndré Chabot is well aware that funerary monuments and rituals are meant to serve the living, be it individuals or communities, more than the dead. Cemeteries are there to keep the dead in our midst, to expiate and get over our mourning. However, the artist notes that cemeteries are going through a regrettable metamorphosis.
Mankind’s social and sentimental history was legible on epitaphs and sculptures ; it is being erased little by little. The artist, therefore, is hoping his creations will help to fight the dereliction and abandonment of the necropolitan space. He endeavours, as he would (as indeed he will do) for his own monument, to fulfil the expectations of the families in quest of symbolism, personalization and emotion, in order to restore the mysterious and inexpressible holiness of our last resting place that helps to make Death less dreadfull.

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