Andre Chabot

Cemetery photographs in black and white

Cementerio San Fernando, Seville, EspagneThe archives of French photographer and artist André Chabot offer a unique and detailed study that includes over 195,000 photographs of funerary art, monuments and rituals found in over 700 cemeteries around the world.

The photos presented on our site are just a small sampling of this collection. Here, they are organized into two sections:

Chabot continues to travel, and both of these sections are updated periodically. Please bookmark this page, or sign our guestbook to recieve updates.

If you are in search of a specific image for professional use and would like to see more, please contact us. Limited edition silver gelatin prints for framing can also be purchased depending on availability. Send your inquiries to:, or visit our contact page for more details.

Manheim, Allemagne

“Browsing through these images is like visiting a vast worldwide necropolis, where one can pause before the most humble, heart-rending graves as well as before spectacularly grandiose mausoleums.

In these photos, nostalgic scenes seek a lost moment in the setting of a country home. Actions show faith in resurrection beneath the shadow of a neo-gothic chapel. Portraits laugh and weep. Modest and picturesque, allegorical and egotistic, the cemetery is shown as a reflection of our society, and a place where memory reigns...”

André Chabot



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