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Andre Chabot

André Chabot

1941 - ?

As a necropolitan rambler, he unmasks false monuments throughout the world — and doubts that the stone mourners are lifeless.

As a photographer, he captures tombs, mausoleums, cenotaphs, and catacombs in black and white — an inexhaustible anthology of architecture and symbolism, exoticism and eroticism, humour and metaphysics, remembrance and oblivion.

As an artist, he creates installations where the grave speaks and the coffin, which he has transformed, carries his personal fantasies.

As an honorary literature professor, he tracks down passages dealing with death, and reads into epitaphs beautiful love stories of the living and dead.

As a story teller, he hijacks innocent photographs to create picture-stories that reinvent legendary figures such as Orpheus and Mary Magdalene.

As a journalist, he interviews moles, lizards, cats and squirrels, reporting on the places of eternal rest for periodicals like Pierre Actual and Funéraire Magazine.

As a designer of funerary monuments and urns, three monuments of his design can be found in the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France. A fourth monument is currently under way.

His photographs of cemeteries and tombs, over 195,000 to date, form a unique international archive on funerary art and architecture.

 Nearly 600 exhibitions, including over 90 solo shows, line his way through Germany, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Spain, USA, France, Holland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland…

As an author, he has published several books, including Erotique du cimetière (Eroticism in the Cemetery), winner of the 1991 Prix de l’Humour Noir (France’s Black Humor Prize for literature).

Co- founder of the association "La Mémoire Nécropolitaine".

His work is included in the contemporary photography collection of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (France’s National Library), as well as the permanent collections of the Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris (the Historical Library of Paris) and the National Gallery in Prague.


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